Caterpillar 950F Excavator Air Filter Primary Element Clean and Replace

This instruction show you guide on how to clean and repair air filter primary element for Caterpillar 950F excavator.More repair case for CAT machine,please refer to: Caterpillar Trouble Repair.


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1.The air filter is located on the right side of the machine.


2.Remove cover (1) from the air filter housing.

3.Remove primary element (2) from the air filter housing.


4.Clean the inside of the air filter housing.

5.Inspect the primary element. If the pleats, the gaskets, or the seals are damaged, discard the element and replace the element with a clean primary element.


Do not clean the primary elements by bumping or tapping them. Do not use primary elements with damaged pleats, gaskets or seals. Engine damage can result.

Make sure the cleaned primary elements are completely dry before installing them into the filter housing.

Water remaining in the elements can cause false indications of contamination in S·O·S Analysis test results.

6.If the primary element is not damaged, clean the primary element.

The primary element can be cleaned by using the following methods:

Pressure air
Pressure water
Detergent washing

Note: If the element has been used for one year or the element has been cleaned for the sixth time,replace the primary element.


7.When you clean the inside pleats and the outside pleats, direct the air or the water along the pleats.

If you use pressure air, the maximum air pressure is 205 kPa (30 psi). If you use pressure water,

the maximum water pressure is 280 kPa (40 psi).

The primary element can be washed in warm water with a nonsudsing household detergent.

Fully rinse the pleats. Allow the primary element to air dry completely.

8.Inspect the primary element after you clean the element. Do not use an element if the pleats, the gaskets or the seals are damaged.

9.Cover the clean primary element. Store the element in a clean, dry location.

10.Install a clean primary element.

11.Clean the cover and install the cover on the air filter housing. Fasten the clips in order to secure the cover.

12.Close the engine access door.

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