Launch X431 do ABS Bleed for BMW 5 Series 2011

2011 BMW F Chassis 5 Series F10 F11 F18 2011 ABS Brake Exhaust Bleeding using Launch X431 V+ (PRO3) / X431 V (Pro).

Select the newest BMW version.

launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-01 (2)

Select the manual select.

launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-02 (2)

Select vehicle models “5 series”.

launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-03 (2)

Select “5’_F10/F11/F18”.

launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-04 (2)

Select “Chassis”.

launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-05 (2)

Select “ABS (Anti-lock Braking System -DSC)”.

launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-06 (2)

Pay more attention to ECU Identify, select “OK”.

launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-07 (2)

Select “Special Function”.

launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-08 (2)

Select “Brake Bleeding procedure”.

Read the information to follow.

Read the preparation.

launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-09 (2)
launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-10 (2)
launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-11 (2)

Open bleeder valve at rear left wheel.

launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-12 (2)

Pre-bleeding routine for the rear-axle brake circuit.

It prompts that the rear-axle brake circuit completed.

launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-13 (2)

launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-14 (2)

Bleeding routine for the rear left wheel.

Bleeding routine at rear left finished successfully.

Read prompt: Close rear left-hand bleeder screw once the brake fluid started to emerge without bubbles and foam.

Attach bleeder bottle to front left bleeder valve and open front left bleeder screw.

launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-15 (2)
launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-16 (2)
launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-17 (2)

Pre-bleeding routine for the front-axle brake circuit starts.

Pre-bleeding routine for the front-axle brake circuit. Press the brake pedal as far as it will go every 3 seconds.

This process takes approx. 15 seconds.

Bleeding routine at front left finished successfully.

launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-18 (2)
launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-19 (2)
launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-20 (2)

Bleeding routine for the front left wheel starts.

Read the prompts and follow to do.

Bleeding routine at front left finished successfully.

launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-21 (2)
launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-22 (2)
launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-23 (2)

Bleeding routine for the front right wheel starts.

Attention to the prompt.

Finished successfully

launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-24 (2)
launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-25 (2)
launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-26 (2)

Bleeding routine for the rear right wheel starts.

Attention to the prompt.

Finished successfully

launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-27 (2)
launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-28 (2)
launch-x431-2011-bmw-f-chassis-abs-bleeding-29 (2)

Launch X431 V+ / X431 V tech support:

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