OBDSTAR Program Nissan Sylphy B18 2020 Proximity Bypass PIN Code

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus free updated 2019 up Nissan Sentra Sylphy B18 proximity add key and all keys lost function in Aug. 2021. This function requires a dedicated Nissan 16+32 bypass cable.

OBDSTAR-Program-Nissan-Sylphy-B18-2020-Proximity-Bypass-PIN-Code-1 (2)
OBDSTAR-Program-Nissan-Sylphy-B18-2020-Proximity-Bypass-PIN-Code-2 (2)
OBDSTAR-Program-Nissan-Sylphy-B18-2020-Proximity-Bypass-PIN-Code-3 (2)

Unplug gateway interface
Connect the Nissan bypass cable with the unplugged gateway adapter
Go to IMMO, select Nissan Infiniti v32.19 -manual select system – 28 digits pinched – Sylphy (B18) – Proximity – 2019 up – add key (No pin)

OBDSTAR-Program-Nissan-Sylphy-B18-2020-Proximity-Bypass-PIN-Code-4 (2)
OBDSTAR-Program-Nissan-Sylphy-B18-2020-Proximity-Bypass-PIN-Code-5 (2)

This function requires network connection.
Executing this function will delete all keys. Only 2 new keys can be programmed each time.
Require at least one key that can start the vehicle normally

OBDSTAR-Program-Nissan-Sylphy-B18-2020-Proximity-Bypass-PIN-Code-6 (2)
OBDSTAR-Program-Nissan-Sylphy-B18-2020-Proximity-Bypass-PIN-Code-7 (2)

Press start button, turn on the ignition switch
Writing data
Reading data

OBDSTAR-Program-Nissan-Sylphy-B18-2020-Proximity-Bypass-PIN-Code-8 (2)

Read 28 digit pin code success

OBDSTAR-Program-Nissan-Sylphy-B18-2020-Proximity-Bypass-PIN-Code-9 (2)

Turn on the emergency indicator, turn off the ignition switch

OBDSTAR-Program-Nissan-Sylphy-B18-2020-Proximity-Bypass-PIN-Code-10 (2)

Turn on the ignition switch
Long press the start button to turn off the ignition switch
Turn on the hazard warning lights
The gear position is in P gear or neutral gear
The steering column lock is in the unlocked state

OBDSTAR-Program-Nissan-Sylphy-B18-2020-Proximity-Bypass-PIN-Code-11 (2)

Start to read the key id
Place 1st smart key to be programming horizontally above the ignition switch and put other smart keys are far away from the ignition switch
Don’t move the key on the ignition switch
Don’t press any button of the smart key

OBDSTAR-Program-Nissan-Sylphy-B18-2020-Proximity-Bypass-PIN-Code-12 (2)

Read current key information
Place 2nd key to be programming above the ignition switch
read key information

OBDSTAR-Program-Nissan-Sylphy-B18-2020-Proximity-Bypass-PIN-Code-13 (2)

Place 1st key above ignition switch again
Progam success

OBDSTAR-Program-Nissan-Sylphy-B18-2020-Proximity-Bypass-PIN-Code-14 (2)

Place 2nd key above ignition switch
Program 2nd key success
2 keys has been programmed successfully

OBDSTAR-Program-Nissan-Sylphy-B18-2020-Proximity-Bypass-PIN-Code-15 (2)

Follow procedures below to complete programming:
Turn off emergency warning lights
Press Lock and unlock buttons of each smart key one by one to verify

OBDSTAR-Program-Nissan-Sylphy-B18-2020-Proximity-Bypass-PIN-Code-16 (2)

Check one by one whether each smart key can be put into the car to start the car
After all keys have been verified do not exit this function, remove the dedicated Nissan bypass cable and restore the gateway module.
Connect the x300 dp plus to the vehicle and turn on the ignition switch to clear the fault code.

OBDSTAR-Program-Nissan-Sylphy-B18-2020-Proximity-Bypass-PIN-Code-17 (2)
OBDSTAR-Program-Nissan-Sylphy-B18-2020-Proximity-Bypass-PIN-Code-18 (2)
OBDSTAR-Program-Nissan-Sylphy-B18-2020-Proximity-Bypass-PIN-Code-19 (2)

Program success.

OBDSTAR-Program-Nissan-Sylphy-B18-2020-Proximity-Bypass-PIN-Code-20 (2)


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