Toyota Vellfire 2015 readjust oil pressure calibration Launch X431 Pad V

Car model and year: Toyota Vellfire 2015

Purpose: To readjust oil pressure calibration of CVT after replacing the CVT Fluid.

Launch-X431-Pad-V-readjust-oil-pressure-calibration-of-CVT-1 (2)

Toyota diagnostic tool that is able to do:

X431 Pro3

X431 PAD

Launch X431 PAD V

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Today, I use Launch X431 PAD V to test . I connect the device to the car first, wait for the device to start, and click on “Local Diagnose”, select “Asian ” and then “Toyota”.

Launch-X431-Pad-V-readjust-oil-pressure-calibration-of-CVT-3 (2)

Ensure it is the newest Toyota version, click on “Ok”.

Launch-X431-Pad-V-readjust-oil-pressure-calibration-of-CVT-4 (2)

Tap “16PIN DLC (Europe and Other).”.

Launch-X431-Pad-V-readjust-oil-pressure-calibration-of-CVT-5 (2)

Tap “-2018.01” and will have vehicle information including VIN, vehicle name, model, engine type, year, cylinder number.

Launch-X431-Pad-V-readjust-oil-pressure-calibration-of-CVT-6 (2)

Tap “System Selection” -> “Powertrain”.

Launch-X431-Pad-V-readjust-oil-pressure-calibration-of-CVT-7 (2)
Launch-X431-Pad-V-readjust-oil-pressure-calibration-of-CVT-8 (2)

Tap “Engine and ECT”.

Launch-X431-Pad-V-readjust-oil-pressure-calibration-of-CVT-9 (2)
Tap “Special Function“.

Launch-X431-Pad-V-readjust-oil-pressure-calibration-of-CVT-10 (2)

Tap “Reset Memory” and have the notice reading “This function is used to delete the learned memory in the ECT ECU. A memory reset is required after automatic transmission or valve body replacement. ”

Launch-X431-Pad-V-readjust-oil-pressure-calibration-of-CVT-11 (2)

Complete, please perform the following operations:

1. Turn the ignition switch OFF and back ON.
2. Drive the vehicle in a “stop and go” pattern for approximately 15 minutes.

Launch-X431-Pad-V-readjust-oil-pressure-calibration-of-CVT-12 (2)

Tap “ CVT Oil Pressure Calibration “

Usage: To readjust oil pressure calibration of CVT after replacing the related parts.

Launch-X431-Pad-V-readjust-oil-pressure-calibration-of-CVT-13 (2)
Launch-X431-Pad-V-readjust-oil-pressure-calibration-of-CVT-14 (2)


1. Keep IG OFF for 30 seconds.
2. Cycle IG ON (Ready OFF / Engine OFF) and wait at least 2 seconds.
3. Start vehicle (Ready ON/Engine ON) and wait at least 5 seconds.

Launch-X431-Pad-V-readjust-oil-pressure-calibration-of-CVT-15 (2)

Wait 10 seconds and it prompts “ CVT Oil Pressure Calibration is complete”.

Launch-X431-Pad-V-readjust-oil-pressure-calibration-of-CVT-16 (2)

Finally, check and delete all DTC.

Launch-X431-Pad-V-readjust-oil-pressure-calibration-of-CVT-17 (2)

Alright, job is done.

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