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Nissan Sentra 2014 Steering Angle Sensor Adjustment by Launch X431 Torque


In this instruction we are going to teach you how to perform a steering angle sensor adjustment on a 2014 Nissan Sentra using the Launch X431 Torque.Launch X431 Torque is new product released by LAUNCH TECH CO.,LTD,and it only available…
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How to change the Security Alarm setting on a 2014 Nissan Sentra by Launch X431 Throttle?

Change Security Alarm Setting for Nissan Sentra 2014: Connect Launch X431 Throttle to Nissan Sentra OBD port,the enter menu to select “Nissan”. Check Nissan diagnosis software version and function list,select “OK” Select “The Vehicle With 16PIN” Confirm VIN and select…
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How to Set up Launch X431 V 8 inch scanner WiFi & Bluetooth

Launch X431 V 8inch Tablet diagnostic scan tool How to setup WiFi & Bluetooth for vehicle diagnosis? Here this blog is the WiFi & Bluetooth setup manual for reference. Part 1: How to set up Wi-Fi in the Launch X431 V…
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Launch X431 V Err DiagnoseMain ID -5 Fixed by Firmware Update

This write-up about Launch X431 V diagnostic firmware update manual will help to solve the error: launch x431 Err DiagnoseMain ID: -5. Launch X431 error message: DiagnoseMain Err ID: -5 Failed to obtain firmware information. Possible reasons: 1 Firmware does not work…
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LAUNCH iCarScan Super X431 Idiag Full Systems Diagnostic Tool

LAUNCH iCarScan Super X431 Idiag Full Systems Diagnostic Tool Bluetooth Scanner for AndroidiOS with 10 Free Software Update Online 1.Any issues to use our ICarScan VCI , please feel free to contact us from Amazon , we will offer technical support…
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When The launch icarscan app was running, it suddenly stopped

When The launch ICARSCAN app was running, it suddenly stopped. The diagram below:   The customer provided the following information: Generally, such problems may be caused by too low hardware version or too low car version.   The hardware is automatically…
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Is this same or old version of the icarscan?

It’s basically the same OBD-II Bluetooth device – but the software supplied with it is different – and the way it’s sold is different. That one is without ANY vehicle/manufacturer specific diagnostics capability. As delivered it will do just OBD-II…
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1. is this Launch ICARSCAN 2018 version yes, the software has updated to 2018 2. Whill this ICARSCAN work with an iPHone 6 or iPad 3? It does. You need to make sure if your wehicle is supported. It cost more…
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