How to use Launch X431 PAD V do Benz E300 W212 Xenon Headlamp Calibration C156E00

This instruction show you guide on how to use Launch X431 to calibrate Xenon headlamp for Benz E300 W212 C156E00 DTC: Calibration of the vehicle level was not performed. More information about benz, please refer to: Benz Trouble Repair.

Connect Launch X431 V PAD to Benz W212

Run software and select “Local Diagnose”

Select “Automatically Search”

Check vehicle information and click “YES”

Switch On Ignition

DTC detail description

Select “Special Function”

Select “Calibration processes”

Check your vehicle information and click “YES”

Select “Zero Position Adjustment”

The vehicle must be at a standstill.
The vehicle must be unladed.
The vehicle must be on a level surface.

The actual values of the level sensors must be in the valid range.

Press “F3”, Start zero position adjustment

After then back menu and select “Clear Fault Code”

Now error message disappear

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