OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus “DiagProgram has stopped” Solution

Do SAS Recovery, OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus has this error prompt “Unfortunately, DiagProgram has stopped”. Programming, Immo, odometer…all the same, and not working.

OBDSTAR-X300-DP-Plus-“DiagProgram-has-stopped”-Solution-1 (2)

Then he shows us Version in ABOUT (“VCI” button below) as eobdtool technical support required.

OBDSTAR-X300-DP-Plus-“DiagProgram-has-stopped”-Solution-2 (2)

Here comes the Solution:
Settings->DP->Uninstall Updates, Clear Data, Clear Cache

OBDSTAR-X300-DP-Plus-“DiagProgram-has-stopped”-Solution-3 (2)
OBDSTAR-X300-DP-Plus-“DiagProgram-has-stopped”-Solution-4 (2)
OBDSTAR-X300-DP-Plus-“DiagProgram-has-stopped”-Solution-5 (2)
OBDSTAR-X300-DP-Plus-“DiagProgram-has-stopped”-Solution-6 (2)
OBDSTAR-X300-DP-Plus-“DiagProgram-has-stopped”-Solution-7 (2)

If not working, go to
Settings->Backup&Reset->Restore factory settings

OBDSTAR-X300-DP-Plus-“DiagProgram-has-stopped”-Solution-8 (2)


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