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OEM Benz Xentry VCI C6 Test Report


Let’s start with some questions on the Xentry VCI C6 OEM clone (looks like the genuine XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 3.) Is it the clone of genuine Bosch xentry VCI? Does it require install VXDIAG drivers? Can it be used wirelessly?…
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OBDSTAR Program Nissan Sylphy B18 2020 Proximity Bypass PIN Code

OBDSTAR-Program-Nissan-Sylphy-B18-2020-Proximity-Bypass-PIN-Code-1 (2)

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus free updated 2019 up Nissan Sentra Sylphy B18 proximity add key and all keys lost function in Aug. 2021. This function requires a dedicated Nissan 16+32 bypass cable. Unplug gateway interface Connect the Nissan bypass cable…
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How to update Autel Md808 Pro Software


Autel MD808 Pro software support update online lifetime for free, before you can update on autel official website, you need register your MD808 pro first. Register the Tool User would update the scan tool ONLY after you had registered the…
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How to Virgin Mercedes Benz Engine ECU with Launch X431 and X-PROG3?

With Launch X-PROG3 Immo and Key Programmer, you can renew Mercedes Benz engines ECUs: MED17.7. X, ME9.7, SIM271KE2.0, SIM271DE2.0 etc by Launch X431 tablets (X431 V+, PAD V, PAD VII). By resetting, it can be reused. You can also reset and reuse a…
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How to Test Jeep Liberty by Launch BST-360 Bluetooth Battery Tester


Launch BST-360 Bluetooth Battery Tester, the Bluetooth battery tester, supports: Records printing & sharing via Bluetooth International battery standards & 6V, 12V Battery health test, Start system test and charging health test How to use Launch BST-360 Bluetooth Battery Tester?…
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How to Enable Immo and Programming in Consult 3 plus


Here is how to use Consult-3 Plus to do Immo and programming without spending out on the smart card. find the consult diagnostictool.ini file open with notepad copy and paste this at the bottom ——————————————————– [mode] debug_mode=TRUE debug_mode_vehicle-battery=TRUE [vehicles] tab_index=0…
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How to record the data when Xtool PAD get error when diagnose


When you use X100 PAD to diagnose but unfortunately get error, Xtool PAD will be able to record the data. Take x100pad diagnose Beijing Hyundai Santa Fe engine for example. Procedure: Step 1: Insert the key and turn on ignition, connect…
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